Charlie Tremendous Jones and me
Who is this wonderful man and why did he advise me “don’t become a speaker”?
He certainly wasn’t worried about competition. (And I’m not going to give you any inside info about my amazing conversation with Charlie “Tremendous” Jones right here. It was special. You’re gonna have to connect with me to get the story.)

Though all of my talks and workshops are custom-designed for YOUR audience, people often ask for themes or ideas to get started. Many of these work as keynotes, workshops and even in small group formats. Most work well for private retreats and coaching packages. All of them can be adapted for a wide range of audiences: sales teams, women’s groups, advocates, parents, volunteers, clinicians, patient groups, schools, youth sports groups….

What’s really fun is to brainstorm a bit and see if I can add a unique twist to one of YOUR favorite topics. If you think I might be a good fit for your group but don’t see a “perfect topic” listed please ask. And if you’ve already hired me and are looking for an introduction or some something to say in your newsletter, click here

Can YOUR Inner Critic really become an Inner Ally?

Whether you’re a parent, a writer, an entrepreneur or all of the above, you’ve probably got one. It’s that powerful voice in your head that undermines your efforts to improve. The good news? In spite of what you may think, it really does have your best interests at heart. Let’s talk about getting your WHOLE TEAM’S Inner Critics on board….

Lessons from a Marching Band

You’ve heard the speed of the team is the speed of the leader but there’s a lot at play when creating a powerful team. Learn how to create harmony and rhythm in your unit: there’s more to it than looking good in the uniform and carrying the baton!

You Can’t Break the Internet

Do you know you need a website but don’t have thousands of dollars to spend? Find yourself wishing your “dashboard” would stay in the car where it belongs? Or that web guys would just stop talking tech-nese and speak English? Frustrated because you haven’t got the slightest idea where to start? If the whole thing makes you nervous but you’re ready to bite the bullet you are in the right place. Take as much — or as little — control as you’d like as we help you set up a simple website, social media profiles, strategies or all of the above. My “You Can’t Break the Internet, Tweetie” consults start at only $100…

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